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A Modern Building Solution for a Changing World

Green Builders Hawaii, Inc. uses SABS™, which is a composite building system that utilizes Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) as the core material for all structural members (walls, roof, floor). Upon completion, the EPS structure is sprayed with a composite coating made up of a precise blend of sand, cement, glass fiber and other additives that, together, create a building shell that meets or exceeds all testing protocols and load requirements of the ICC-ES. (See ICC Report on SABS)

The result are structures that are extremely strong, durable, and energy efficient, with other significant benefits that address many of challenges facing homeowners in Hawaii and the world at large.

Rising Fuel Costs Energy efficient material with high insulation value.
Hurricanes Resistance tested up to CAT 5
hurricane winds.
Fires Fire retardant, Class A certification.
(See Fire Test Video)
Earthquakes Top earthquake resistance rating.
(See Earthquake Test Video)
World Deforestation SABS™ does not use wood, thus
saving our trees.
Termites SABS™ eliminates the factor of
termite damage associated with
wood structures.

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