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Energy Efficient Home

According to a government EPA report revised on April 22, 2009, “The average household spends at least $2,000 a year on energy bills; over half of which goes to heating and cooling.” With the cost of energy at record highs and the reality that it will continue to climb, saving energy is a financial necessity for most and an environmental responsibility for all.

Traditional building methods require costly insulation materials to be added to the structure, not to mention that their pervasive use of wood further depletes our natural resources. It is past due, to seriously look towards a modern building system like SABS™, which is energy efficient, renewable, affordable, and does not deplete our forests.

SABS™ construction inhibits energy loss in both hot and cold climates. SABS™ structures are more airtight than stud framing or concrete walls, thus making the structure extremely energy efficient . SABS™ wall sections are inherently insulated with R40 to R60 insulation values, reducing energy consumption 50-80%. Thicker roofs sections are insulated up to R80 to R100. All of these insulative values far exceed county, state, and international residential construction standards. The end result is you will spend less energy controlling the temperature in your home, which not only keeps money in your bank account, but also helps to save the environment.

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