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Hurricane Resistance

Hurricanes always pose a potential risk for Hawaii homes. It is not a question of “if” a hurricane will hit, but “when”. Since it is difficult to predict where a hurricane will hit or how much damage will result, it is best to be prepared. When Hurricane Iniki hit, it damaged or destroyed 4 out of every 10 single family homes (more than 6,000 homes) on Kauai. The importance of having a home built to withstand hurricane force winds was emphasized.

According to the FEMA report analyzing the damage following hurricane Iniki, “One and two story wood light-frame buildings were the most severely damaged type of construction”. Contributing to the level of destruction were the “weakening of structural components, sheathing, and cladding caused by insects (termite) infestation and weatherization (rotting and rusting). This reduction in strength acted to increase damage.”

Hurricane Iniki Impacting Kauai

SABS™ composite building system has been tested to withstand hurricane force winds up to CAT 5 levels.
A SABS™ structure is monolithic, which creates seamless transitions to all structural components, resulting in an extremely strong and durable home.

Furthermore, the deterioration factors (termite, rust, rotting) indicated by FEMA as contributing factors in the vast destruction experienced on Kauai after Iniki, are not present in a SABS™ built home.

The Benefits of a SABS™ built home is unsurpassed and is available in Hawaii through Green Builders Hawaii, Inc.

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