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Introduction to SABS™

(Saebi Alternative Building System)

SABSis a multi-patented composite building system that utilizes Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) as the core material for all structural members (walls, roof, floor) that is sprayed with a proprietary composite coating, made up of a precise blend of sand, cement, glass fiber, and other additives. The International Code Council (ICC-ES) considers SABSthe first significant improvement in the construction industry in 200 years. After 10+ years of exhaustive testing, SABShas earned ICC number (ESR- 1638) which allows contractors all over the world to take advantage of this technology.

The inventor, Nasser Saebi, a structural engineer, also patented an analysis program (FEA) that accurately predicts the performance capability of a building shell utilizing any architectural design under any set of climatic conditions.

(See ICC Report for SABS™)

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