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A Sustainable Building Solution

At the core of the SABS™ system is EPS (Expanded Polystyrene ) foam, 94%-98% air and is readily available around the world. EPS foam has a proven track record as an incredible insulator and been used for many years to provide r-values (thermal resistance rating) up to 120.

EPS foam is recyclable and is derived from a pre-existing waste product of petroleum refinement at the cracking plant. It uses less energy to make than paper and causes less pollution in the process. Since EPS is comprised of 94%-98% air, only a small percent of polystyrene is used, making it a highly efficient use of raw material. The energy saved by using an EPS core SABS™ home, more than compensates for the natural resources used in its production. SABS™ GFRC component is also made from materials available around the world, consisting of sand, cement and water. The balances of the proprietary materials are non-toxic.

Green Builders Hawaii recycles 99% of the foam that remains after building any structure, including the waste products that cannot be used in subsequent buildings. The waste products are grinded down to small pieces and used as fillers for cement products like planters, stepping stones, bricks, and for soil drainage in clay like soil.

SABS™ Materials

The SABS™ building system is an environmentally responsible choice for your next building project.

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